Most Recent Additions*


Accountability Before the Fact
Michael R. Dimino


Making the Paris Agreement Work
John C. Dernbach and Donald A. Brown


A Short and Happy Guide to the First Amendment
Robert C. Power and Mark C. Alexander


Introduction: Shale Gas and the Future of Energy
John C. Dernbach and James R. May


Sustainable Development and its Discontents
John C. Dernbach and Federico Cheever


The Prosser Letters: 1917-1948
Christopher Robinette


Property Law
Anna Hemingway and Benjamin Barros


Voting Rights and Election Law
Michael R. Dimino, Bradley Smith, and Michael Solimine


Harper, James and Gray on Torts, 2016-1 Cumulative Supplement to Volumes 1-5
Christopher Robinette, Oscar Gray, and Donald Gifford

*Updated as of 12/16/17.