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Making America A Better Place for All: Sustainable Development Recommendations for the Biden Administration
John C. Dernbach, Scott E. Schang, Robert W. Adler, Karol Boudreaux, John Bouman, Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, Kimberly Brown, Mikhail Chester, Michael B. Gerrard, Stephen Herzenberg, Samuel Markolf, Corey Malone-Smolla, Jane Nelson, Uma Outka, Tony Pipa, Alexandra Phelan, LeRoy Paddock, Jonathan D. Rosenbloom, William Snape, Anastasia Telesetsky, Gerald Torres, Elizabeth Ann Kronk Warner, and Audra Wilson


A Practical Guide to Legal Writing & Legal Method
John C. Dernbach, Richard V. Singleton II, Cathleen S. Wharton, and Catherine J. Wasson


The Constitutional Right to Save the Environment
John C. Dernbach, Franklin L. Kury, Julia Olson, and Barry E. Hill


An Employee Home Office Expense Deduction for the New Normal
Christian A. Johnson and Samuel D. Brunson


Under-Prosecution Too
Michal Buchhandler-Raphael


Advocating for the Future
John C. Dernbach, Irma Russell, and Matt Bogoshian


Property Law, Second Edition
Anna P. Hemingway, D. Benjamin Barros, and Shelley Cavalieri


Voting Rights and Election Law, Third Edition
Michael R. Dimino, Bradley A. Smith, and Michael Solimine

*Updated as of 08/19/22.